Case 3: Recruitment, and System

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Consulting Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing,
Application Tracking System [EHR], Client: Retailer (100,000 employees)


To standardize the recruiting process, the client aimed to integrate their 360 stores' recruiting activities for part-time sales clerks. Leggenda set up a recruitment center to centralize and coordinate all recruiting activities at the headquarters, facilitating the efficient hiring of 80,000 part-timers.

Client's Challenge

Lack of recruiting professionals

  • The client needed to deploy recruiting specialists to guide them in quality recruiting management at the headquarters.

Leggenda's Solution

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Set up a recruitment center to consolidate all requests for recruitment from each store and oversee the entire recruiting process from advertising and creating a pool of candidates to interviewing, making offers, on-boarding, and training programs.

Application Tracking System [EHR]

  • Install EHR to integrate into a database all application data from each store and support the entire recruiting process.


Via Leggenda's Recruiting Process Outsourcing,

  • A disciplined recruitment process applicable to store staffing was developed.

Via Leggenda's application tracking system, [EHR],

  • Headquarters efficiently managed all applicant data and effectively monitored recruiting activity progress.
  • As the workload of store managers was reduced, their service performance improved.
  • With the introduction of cost management, for example bulk ordering of advertising, considerable cost savings was realized.

Case 3: Consulting, Recruiting, and System

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