Case 2: Recruitment

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Consulting Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Client: Consulting firm (500 employees)


The client aimed to hire 50 qualified consulting professionals. Leggenda reshaped the ideal candidate profile and job description from various perspectives and designed the recruitment process to ensure that the pool of candidates would provide qualified candidates.

Client's Challenge

Insufficient know-how

The current recruitment process was unable to develop a pool of appropriate candidates. There was a conflict between the talent identified on the job descriptions and the ideal talent the company really needed.

LEGGENDA's solution

Consulting Services

  • Interview current employees and managers and analyze the collected data to identify their ideal talent attributes to draw up an accurate job description.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Implement a recruiting process that targets pinpointed talent pools, and utilizes agents specializing in the industry and strategic advertising.


Via LEGGENDA's Consulting Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing, the client could bring aboard talent who shared the company's values and visions and could adapt to and perform in their culture.

Case 2: Recruitment

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