Case 1: Recruitment

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Consulting Services, Client: System Integrator (1,500 employees)


With a profit increase independent of their parent company as an organizational objective, the system integrator required 80-120 engineers with competency in sales & marketing. Leggenda revamped the client's recruiting process and activities, successfully achieving the client's goal of recruiting ideal talent.

Client's Challenge

Insufficient manpower in the recruiting section

  • Too few staffs were available for recruiting activities for new graduates.

Insufficient know-how

  • For their new talent recruitment target, recruiting experts were needed to guide them.

Leggenda's Solution

Consulting service & Recruitment process outsourcing

  • Customize recruitment services and processes, from the planning to the implementation of all recruiting activities to fit the needs of the client's goals.
  • Create accurate job and candidate descriptions through consultations with the client, and then implement a recruitment process that would create a pool of qualified candidates.


Via Leggenda's Consulting & Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • A concrete description of the qualities of an ideal candidate was made.
  • With long-term organizational growth taken into consideration, the following was created:
    • Concept for the recruitment of new graduates,
    • Effective interactive approaches with applicants,
    • Determination of the appropriate assessments to obtain an accurate "picture" of each candidate,
    • Analysis of each interviewer's reviews,
    • Hiring of quality talent,
    • Review of results and an evaluation of the recruiting activities.

Case 1: Recruitment

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